Happy wear it pink! How did you spend the day? Were you head to toe in pink? Please share your photos and stories with us on Facebook and Twitter @BCCampaign using #wearitpink

'We binned the beige and couldn't be happier!'

With 1000 women still dying from breast cancer in the UK every month, the fight isn’t over. It’s now easier than ever before to take part – look good by wearing the latest pink trends with your friends, family, school or colleagues. And do good by raising money to find the cures for breast cancer.

Get involved

At work

We have loads of great resources and ideas to help you and your colleagues raise even more money at work - from stickers to custom posters to make sure everyone knows about it. Why not ask your boss to 'match fund' your event so you can double your fundraising power?

At school

wear it pink is an event for everyone – boys and girls as well as teachers (and parents if you like). All you have to do is grab something pink, make or eat something pink, as part of your wear it pink event (any day in October) to raise money for Breast Cancer Campaign.

At home

From pink food, to pink drinks, and even pink pamper parties, there are loads of ways for you to wear it pink at home or socially. Get all of your friends together and have a fantastic night in while helping to raise money for the work of Breast Cancer Campaign.