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Amberley's story

The dreaded words

It was only by chance that I found the lump; I wasn’t checking as I hadn’t checked my boobs before. I didn’t know how to and didn’t think I needed to as I was way too young for cancer (or that’s what I thought anyway). I assumed it might have just been breast tissue so I didn’t worry or think anything of it, but still asked my boyfriend for a second opinion.

He encouraged me to get it checked so I booked an appointment at the doctors. I was then referred to a breast clinic to have some tests done, but I wasn’t worrying or losing sleep over it. After going on an amazing holiday with my friends, I came back to my results appointment feeling optimistic and then BAM, the dreaded words came… it’s cancer.

I froze with those words ringing in my ears on repeat, I felt like I needed to cry but I couldn’t as I was in such shock. I then was overcome with emotion and burst into tears saying ‘I don’t know what to do’. Everything the consultant said after that was a blur, I couldn’t concentrate on anything he was saying or what the diagnosis entailed.

I then had the view that I couldn’t do anything about it so I just needed to get on with it and kick cancers butt!

It didn’t properly kick in until the first day chemo started and I had the horrendous cold cap on and countless medications to take. That’s when I thought ‘this is real’.

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Check yourself

It is so important that everyone is vigilant and checks their breast frequently and not to think ‘I’m too young’ like I did. Cancer doesn’t care who you are, how old you are or anything -it will attack you if it wants to. Please, please, please check regularly - it is so important. No matter how silly or embarrassed you might feel, it’s so much better than the feeling you will have if you hear those words uttered to you. The best thing is raise awareness and hitting it early enough.

A charity close to my heart

I wanted to support Breast Cancer Now because it is obviously a charity close to my heart. The money raised so far has helped me and so many other women in treatment and I want to help the continuation of that. To people fundraising for Breast Cancer Now, I would just like to say a huge thank you from not only myself but women at any stage of cancer, whether it be diagnosis, treatment, or in remission.

Please join myself and other fundraisers in wearing it pink on 18 October. The money you raise goes towards such an important cause and that cause is beating cancer’s butt!