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Brenda's story

Brenda laughing

For my sister, I will wear pink

I got involved with Breast Cancer Now after my sister died of breast cancer. I was approached by a focus group during the merger of Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer, which would eventually become Breast Cancer Now. It was important to show my support not just for my sister, but to everyone who has or knows someone who is impacted by this disease. I also wanted to show that we are united together in finding a cure by raising funds to support the research it takes.

The focus group showed me that this charity do not treat people as a number and that they really are engaged with their supporters, fundraisers and campaigners. That’s when I decided to join wear it pink. Being part of this event for so many years has showed me how dedicated Breast Cancer Now is. They are like a second family to me now and I do honestly love them all.


Through the years with wear it pink

My first fundraising event was a bake sale and a small raffle. The following year I was so excited I wanted to double the money I raised.

To fundraise for so many years you really need to build an army around you – I have learned that the more you get involved the more people you need to help with the jobs.

Over the years I have contacted all my friends and family in different industries and asked if they were willing to donate any prizes, big or small and explained where the money was going to. I had an advantage as the area I work in I also grew up in so everyone knew me and knows how passionate I am about raising funds for Breast Cancer Now, so the prizes just kept coming in.

Taking part in wear it pink has also inspired me to get involved in other charity events within my area, like the Santa Run in December with my family. My granddaughter was only 20 months old when she achieved her first walk and second medal for charity.

wear it pink 2017

For my 2017 wear it pink event, I went to work dressed as little bow peep! The highlights of my day were my cab driver donating; people’s faces when you dress out of your corporate attire; touching base with other supporters; family members, friends and colleagues messaging me letting me know what they were doing for wear it pink day; seeing Novotel staff getting involved and the passion they put into making the day a success! It all shows me I am not the only one who has that passion.

wear it pink 2018

The Highlight of 2018 was seeing everyone come together at work in different departments, doing different things. There were yoga classes and more about wellbeing, there were talks on breast cancer and making sure you check your breasts regularly, and we also had amazing colleagues sharing their stories and experiences.

What amazed me the most was having people thank me for making them aware about wear it pink day and what it was for. It meant a lot to me!