My first thoughts

I was absolutely devastated when I was given my diagnosis. Being an Olympian, I was fit and well, so how could this happen to me? I opted for a mastectomy after my diagnosis and count myself as a lucky person who didn't go through the chemo or radiotherapy ordeal.

Throughout my journey I thought first and foremost - its good to talk. It's a roller coaster of emotions and you need a solid support network around you to remain positive. To anyone in this situation, don't bottle it in and live each day the best you can.


Life is too short

During my recovery, I felt the need to support a charity and spread the message of early detection especially in the BAME community. I came across Breast Cancer Now (then known as Breakthrough Breast Cancer) who do great things in this space. I was introduced and I’ve been an ambassador for their work ever since! I'm always willing to participate in all what BCN do, but wear it pink is a great engaging and fun way to spread the message to raise important funds to stop people from dying of breast cancer - if I can help make that different, I'm in!

My diagnosis has made me realise I should go for every opportunity which is put in front of me without thinking twice - life is too short and we must live it to the maximum while we are willing and able to. Think pink and get involved - be that change!