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wear it pink
wear it pink

Emma's story

Four years ago my boss said “good luck getting the guys to wear pink Emma”, but that was just the beginning and despite initial hesitations, wear it pink really took off at McGee.

The number of people that wanted to get involved in 'trial' event in 2014 was unprecedented; so much so I didn’t have enough pink hi vis for everyone to join in! We came back in 2015 and 2016 bigger, better and pinker with hundreds of people joining in across our construction sites. We’re now seasoned wear it pinkers and we wear our pink hi vis with pride. We hold a wear it pink week with the festivities for the event culminating on wear it pink Friday. 

When colleagues tell me that they think it’s amazing we as a company support wear it pink because they have personally been affected by the disease it motivates me to keep up the support for the charity year after year. 

My role in the event is to help our 'Pink Coordinators' get organised for the event and to come up with different ideas to help raise as much money as we can. Each site organises their own fundraising events; it’s amazing to see what they all come up with it. For me, a highlight is seeing a cascade of pink extending right across our London construction sites as site teams swap their yellow hi vis vests for pink ones. I love seeing site offices dressed for the occasion with pink posters, balloons and bunting – it shows everyone really gets into the spirit of the event. Most sites will organise a cake bake to help raise some extra money so it’s great to visit to sample the site teams’ baking skills.

Emma wearing it pink on site

Emma wearing it pink on site

The enthusiasm and generosity from everyone in the office and on site for wear it pink is incredible. It helps to boost employee morale by injecting some fun into the workplace. Who’d have thought you’d find bunting strategically hung from scaffolding and homemade cakes for sale in the site office – Mary Berry would be proud of us! I just think it’s amazing how everyone embraces the event and I love seeing the photos coming in from the sites and hearing what they’ve all been up to. Unveiling our pink tipper lorries in conjunction with Breast Cancer Now have also been highlights of our wear it pink involvement.

It’s important we all unite for a cause that touches the lives of so many. It is fantastic the construction industry really gets behind wear it pink to help raise as much money as we can to fund life-saving breast cancer research.

Hannah's story

Unfortunately breast cancer has run through my mum’s side of the family with my great nan passing away from breast cancer many years ago. My nan has also participated in a tamoxifen drug trial after being referred by her GP due to our family history, and consequently reduced her risk of developing the disease by 39%. So it is a cause close to my heart and I am always keen to help where possible.

I have recently joined McGee for a year on a university placement so this will be my first year of taking part in wear it pink. Helping to organise various events throughout our sites, a cake sale at our HQ, and organising McGee’s custom-made wear it pink gear are some of the many ways I will be getting involved. I’ll also be helping our Marketing Manager, Emma, ensure wear it pink day is promoted across the company. And, of course, I’ll be wearing my bright pink hi vis throughout the day to try and promote external and internal sponsorship! 

As I have already mentioned, I take part in wear it pink because it’s a cause close to my family’s heart and we always try to help out where possible. I also feel that it’s a great opportunity to have fun and bring together our team; especially as so many of our employees have been affected by this horrible disease, either first or second hand. Seeing everyone pull together with such passion and determination to raise as much money as possible is fantastic to be a part of. 

The ultimate goal is to have a better understanding of breast cancer and how we can quickly treat, and eradicate it for good and the only way to do that is through research. Research underpins many of today’s cancer treatments, which in turn has helped to save thousands of lives, and wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the generosity of the general public, and companies such as McGee, helping to fundraise.

Get involved

Joining us for wear it pink 2017? Take a look at our ideas, tips and downloadable resources to help you fundraise at work.