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wear it pink

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Jo's story

My friend at work was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30

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I remember feeling totally shocked because breast cancer was something that affected older women, not someone so young, or so I though. It inspired me to do a breast check, even thought I didn't feel like I knew the signs of breast cancer, and I found a lump in my right breast. I rang the GP the next day and was seen straight away that day. The doctor said she thought it was a cyst and not to worry but booked me for a mammogram at my request.

I was told during my mammogram that I had "early stages" breast cancer and would need a mastectomy

It was 2018, I’d just turned 40 and had so many plans and dreams to look forward to with my husband James and our 2 young boys. My world completely crumbled when I was told during the mammogram that I had “early stages” breast cancer and needed a mastectomy. I remember my legs buckling beneath me, I couldn't breathe, I was totally in shock - I was fit and healthy and it couldn’t be happening.

I can't thank the NHS enough for everything they have done for me

8 weeks later I had a mastectomy with DIEP reconstruction. My breast cancer is hormone positive, and I take Letrozole with monthly Zoladex injections now. My friend from work, who was a few months ahead of my cancer journey, guided me through the chemo and radiotherapy and was always at the end of the phone. Sadly, my friend passed away last year, and I will be forever grateful to her because she saved my life.

My ethos is not to sugar coat it

I’d describe myself as strong, independent, friendly and loyal. I can be outspoken at times, but my ethos is not to sugar coat it, be honest and say it how it is. I’m very passionate about breast cancer and encouraging others to get to know their body and be their own advocate. I’m part of the Breastketeers; three friends that were brought together by a breast cancer diagnosis.

For me, wear it pink honours those who sadly are no longer with us

Wear it pink is so important in a society where breast cancer is sadly becoming one the most common cancers - early detections save lives! Wear it pink, for me, also honours those who sadly are no longer with us. I believe one day we will cure cancer! 

Will you join me in wearing it pink?