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wear it pink
wear it pink

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Julia's story

Julia found a lump just before her 32nd birthday. She's been inspired to wear it pink by her friend who is living with secondary breast cancer.


I’ve recently been asked to give a talk about multi-tasking, so I can now describe myself a bit more succinctly than a few weeks back - let’s say I’m a graphic designer with a strong sense of local community!

As a designer I enjoy immersing myself in different problems to help people find the answers to standing out better in their lines of business, and I’m passionate about talking about all the cool and quirky things going on in my community.

One thing people would probably say about me is that I use way too many puns on a daily basis (although one alludes me right now…!).

I love to keep busy

I run my own creative consultancy with my wife Angela, as my day job. In our spare time we write a cultural blog about our hometown called the Croydonist, and are planning year 2 of our music festival Cro Cro Land.

I also teach at Kingston School of Art, and volunteer for the Someone Like Me service at Breast Cancer Now. I obviously like to keep busy!

Last but very definitely not least I’m mum to Beth. On a daily basis I’m constantly challenged and delighted by the way my toddler sees the world.

I found a lump just before my 32nd birthday

Just before my 32nd birthday, I found a lump which turned out to be invasive ductal carcinoma. I had a lumpectomy with sentinel node biopsy.

Fortunately, my nodes were clear, but they hadn’t managed to get rid of all the cancerous cells so I then had a mastectomy with reconstruction (an implant with strattice). I’ve finished my 5 years of tamoxifen treatment and now just have annual check-ups.

I’m very fortunate that life goes on as normal for me.

Why I’m inspired to wear it pink

My greatest inspiration is a friend of mine is living with secondary breast cancer. She is a single mum of 4 who also finds time to have a job and help out her friends between her regular chemo sessions. If that’s not getting on with everyday life (and being a little bit superhuman with it) I’m not sure what is.

Being part of the wear it pink campaign is a really fun thing to be involved in, and all for such an important cause. It nudged me out of my comfort zone (not a natural extrovert!), and it’s so important to get involved, so that more people are aware of the issues surrounding breast cancer. Wear it pink highlights this in a fun and accessible way.

My one bit of advice is to be bold and have fun with it (says the woman who was persuaded to be photographed in a pink raincoat and pom poms!)

Feeling inspired to wear it pink? You can register today for your fundraising pack and join Julia on October 23rd.