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wear it pink
wear it pink

Finding the silver lining

Breast cancer has been in my life since first being diagnosed. In the four weeks after my diagnosis, I underwent a lumpectomy, a further lumpectomy and then a full mastectomy. My journey since then has been very bumpy, but it has also been a strengthening experience in many ways.

Last September, just as my three lovely children had all flown my nest, a big bolt out of the blue devastated my life once more. My breast cancer had returned as a secondary metastasis and had spread to the bones in my spine, almost paralysing me. Two major spinal operations followed, along with radiotherapy, steroids, numerous X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and monthly zoledronic acid treatments – to name a few!

Despite all this, I love to be cheerful, positive and inspire others. I live while I’m alive and feel lucky for the good days. Clouds do have silver linings and I have enjoyed many lovely opportunities while living with breast cancer.

My lifestyle has been hindered due to my long recovery and lack of mobility, but my cheery positive inspiring nature will always continue. It feeds my spirit and spreads good vibes to others – it's a mechanism that works for me. I have become more resilient, more accepting and more focused on what I'd like to do... and actually doing it!

To others who have been diagnosed, I'd say to talk openly, be honest with yourself, believe in hope and learn to live with breast cancer the very best you can. Give yourself time to recover, spoil yourself regularly and embrace the support that surrounds you.



Passion, positivity and pink!

Since my diagnosis, my daughter Emily has taken on the role of fab fundraiser for Breast Cancer Now. She organises an annual wear it pink day in her work place. She is the ‘Princess of Pink Awesomeness’ and has not only raised awareness, but also much needed funds for this cause so close to her heart.

Emily has made these days her own with her amazing commitment, belief and sense of fun to promote wear it pink each year. You can read more about her fundraising in her blog.

Wear it pink epitomises all that Breast Cancer Now represents. It’s a fun-filled day to come together to show solidarity and passion, while promoting awareness of this vital cause. And who could resist wearing pretty pink for passion and positivity!

To anyone thinking of taking part in wear it pink 2017, I say take time to fundraise, however big or small the event. Feel the joy – it’s rewarding, embracing, raises awareness and, most importantly, helps fund research into breast cancer.

Get involved

Joining us for wear it pink 2017? Take a look at our ideas, tips and downloadable resources to help you plan the perfect pink day.

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