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wear it pink

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Kate's story

I’m Kate, a 38-year-old wife, mum and so much more. I’m raising money for research, to make sure that one day other mums won’t have to go through a secondary breast cancer diagnosis.

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I don’t want other mums to face a secondary breast cancer diagnosis

As a mum of two, I love spending time with my family above all else. I'm an active person who likes to keep busy, and have been a primary school teacher for over 16 years!

I'm definitely a 'talker' - I truly believe that talking and sharing can help most people in most situations. I try to always be there for others and am happy to open up and talk about my own experiences. Through my work, I hope to help others who face challenges in their lives.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2020, and not long after we found out that it had spread and I had stage 4 secondary cancer. My treatment plan changed and I started chemotherapy in May 2020. I was lucky that I responded well to chemotherapy, but I will continue to have treatment indefinitely now.

Now more than ever, I realise the importance of research, especially into secondary cancer.

Although at times it has been gruelling, I feel very lucky to have received such powerful treatment. I am also grateful for the on-going treatment and care I receive. I wanted to show my appreciation by raising some money for charity - I chose Breast Cancer Now because now more than ever, I realise the importance of research, especially into secondary cancer.

Cancer doesn't discriminate, it has no rules and it ruins lives. We need to understand more about it and find ways to stop it, so that fewer people are affected and many more survive. The only way to do this is through research and that takes a lot of money and time: something some of us don't have.

I am lucky enough to have people around me every day who inspire me to see the positives, to enjoy the little things and who encourage me to keep fighting. Honestly, if love could stop this awful disease, I would have been rid of it months ago!

I aimed for £150, but raised over £10,000!

I decided to ask all my supporters to take a selfie wearing pink and share it on a Facebook page I set up for my wear it pink event, and donate via my JustGiving page. I was overwhelmed by the effort people went to!

The school I work at a wear it pink day (even the PAT dog got involved). Mums on the school run wore pink, children in my girls' classes wore pink, my brother's work colleagues wore pink - it was amazing! Some friends and family also helped me bake, sell and deliver lots of pink cakes. I gathered the selfies, had a photo collage created and framed it, to remind me of the support I have as I continue my journey.

For those planning their wear it pink day, I’d say to aim high and have fun! Initially I set a target of £150; I thought a few friends would join me in wearing pink - I never ever dreamed of raising over £10,000! It made me realise just how much love and support I have from so many people - more than I could have ever imagined.

Watch my story.

I will wear it pink for a better future. Will you join me?