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wear it pink

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Kirsty's story

I’m Kirsty. A 33-year-old fiancé, cat-mum and advocate for breast cancer awareness.

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I'm passionate about what I do

I’m originally from a small village called Hesketh Bank, near Preston, and now live in West Yorkshire with my fiancé Michele – and my cat Snowy! I work at the Asda head office as a merchandiser and I’m passionate about campaigning for breast cancer charities and raising awareness.

I was diagnosed with primary breast cancer in August 2015 when I was 27

I had a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, Herceptin, radiotherapy and zoledronic acid – as well as Exemestane and Zoladex injections. I’m just about to finish my hormone treatment, which I’m really pleased about! I’m currently NED (No Evidence of Disease).

I still suffer from chronic fatigue from my breast cancer treatment, so I can only work part-time and have to pace myself every day. It was tough on my whole family when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, but they have always surrounded me with lots of love and support, especially my parents and fiancé, Michele.

We petitioned to make Kadcyla available, and it worked!

In 2017 I helped campaign for Kadcyla to remain accessible to breast cancer patients through the NHS, by sharing the petition far and wide. With 115,898 signatures, the petition was recognised and Kadcyla will now remain available on the NHS. This drug is giving people with secondary breast cancer extra precious months with their families and friends with relatively few side effects – so being a part of this was so important to me.

It’s an easy way to raise vital funds for research, so that people no longer die from breast cancer

A lot of charities have struggled during the pandemic. It’s important that people wear it pink on this October to raise vital funds for research, so that one day, people no longer die from breast cancer. Cancer has not stopped because of COVID-19, and the wear it pink campaign is something everyone can easily do to raise money.

Just throw on a pink t-shirt to brighten up those Zoom calls, and get all your friends and family involved. It’s such an easy way to raise vital funds.

Have some fun with your event. The most important thing is to raise money for breast cancer research and care, so there’s no pressure on how you do it. If you want to wear a little pink during your Zoom meetings with colleagues, or go full on fancy dress with your girls – who doesn’t love a pink sequin?!

There’s no pressure – you can do as much or as little as you like. Just have some fun and let’s try and raise as much money as we can!