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wear it pink
wear it pink

Seeing both sides of breast cancer research

As a scientist working at a leading London university, I know of the amazing research that is being conducted by enthusiastic, motivated researchers every day. Although my area of expertise is in a different field to that of cancer research, every scientist understands the importance of receiving funding from important sources to conduct their work. It’s only because of the funding from research charities such as Breast Cancer Now that much of this can happen. That’s why it is so important for me not only to shout the word of research, but also take part in wear it pink this year too.

When I first brought up the idea of wear it pink to my colleagues, they were thrilled at the idea of holding a fundraising day. It has been interesting to spread the word of a different area of research to the one we work in. Breast cancer is something that has affected so many of us, so it really is inspiring to see everyone coming together for the cause.


I wear it pink for my friends

I remember when one of my close friends was diagnosed with breast cancer around a decade ago. Despite her strength, resilience and optimism I could tell that the chemotherapy she received was tough on her. We were all so pleased when she received the all-clear but we knew that not everyone was as lucky to receive the same news as my friend. For me, it was such a wake-up call. And now when I hear that one in seven women will now develop the disease in their lifetime, it is a constant fear for my lovely friends, family, and of course myself.

Recently another friend has just finished chemo and radiotherapy after developing primary breast cancer for the second time. Again I have seen the amazing treatment successfully treat the cancer, but have also witnessed the difficult times someone close to me has had to experience.

Giving something back

Along with my colleague, we’re planning to decorate the office with fundraising pack materials and extra posters we’ve ordered online. We’ve got our scientists baking goodies for the day’s cake sale, bringing in a bottle of something to donate for our tombola and we’re holding the wear it pink quiz.

I take part in wear it pink as I believe that it's important to be able to give something back as a thanks for my friends' recoveries and also for the thousands of other people who hear the words ‘it’s breast cancer’ each day.

Wear it pink is not only a bit of fun, but a sense of bringing people together so that we know we are not alone in facing this. Wearing the colour pink shows solidarity with everyone affected by the disease.

Get involved

Joining us for wear it pink 2017? Take a look at our ideas, tips and downloadable resources to help you plan the perfect pink day.

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