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wear it pink
wear it pink

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Louise's story

Louise is wearing it pink to raise awareness about breast cancer and give back to the charity that helped her gain confidence after treatment.


I work in communications in London and prior to that I was a Political Correspondent for the BBC. I work hard but also love spending time with friends and family – all of whom were a great support network when I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer.

I don’t stress so much about the small things

It’s always hard to describe yourself. I think most people think I’m outgoing, but I also enjoy time alone too. Since having cancer, I definitely appreciate my life more and don’t stress so much about the things which don’t really matter – health is the most important thing we have.

I was diagnosed in August 2016 with invasive ductal carcinoma in my left breast and then invasive lobular carcinoma in my right. It was a complete shock at the time as I just started a new job and generally felt well.

I’m passionate about raising awareness

Since my treatment and recovery, I have returned to work and also do what I can to support cancer charities. I am passionate about raising awareness about early diagnosis of cancer. I was diagnosed at an early stage and feel fortunate. Not everyone is so lucky. The earlier people are diagnosed, the greater their chance of survival.

Why I will wear it pink

I wanted to be involved in the wear it pink campaign because it is a hugely important campaign that not only raises a huge amount of money, but also awareness, and I think that is absolutely crucial. Also, I was lucky enough to take part in The Show London and the picture of me in my pink dress in the finale made me feel so special. It was a turning point for me in regaining my confidence after treatment. So I feel the pink has a special place in my heart and feels positive.

I think the more people who wear it pink the better – men and women – as it not only raises money, but it also raises awareness and highlights how breast cancer can affect anyone.

So, please join me in wearing it pink on October 23rd, and help create a future where everyone who develops breast cancer lives, and is supported to live well.

Feeling inspired to wear it pink? You can register today for your fundraising pack and join Louise on October 23rd.