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wear it pink
wear it pink

My diagnosis

I was diagnosed with Grade 3 Stage 2 breast cancer on 21st August 2014. When I was told the news, I thought that I was going to die and have to plan my funeral.

My treatment consisted of 8 cycles of chemo (ec & p), lumpectomy, radiotherapy and herceptin (17 injections) - the support of my friends and family got me through.

Since my diagnosis, my fitness took a knock. I completed my first Great North Run 4 days before starting chemo but once treatment started, my fitness lifestyle came to a halt as I was too sick to even attempt any form of exercise. I'm slowly getting back to it but I’m not as rigid as I was.

To anyone who has recently been diagnosed or is going through treatment, take all the support from family and friends that you can.


Breast Cancer Now and I

Since my diagnosis, I have got on board with a few Breast Cancer Now campaigns. I was part of "The Last One" ad and the "Let's Get Moving" campaign alongside Marks and Spencer. I have also run two Great North Runs for the charity, and I’m about to run my third in September!

All of this helped me turn a negative of breast cancer into a positive. I also recognise that representation means a lot. If anyone can see me and my story and think "that's me, too", then it's worth it. All of this helps to raise money and awareness for research, no matter how big or small.

But there is still lots more to do regarding breast cancer, especially secondary breast cancer. So, wear pink with me on the 19th October.