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wear it pink
wear it pink

Nicoleta's story

I wear it pink because two of my friends have suffered from breast cancer. Tragically one passed away two years ago and my other friend has been cleared of breast cancer for the past 10 years. I regularly accompanied her to check-up appointments, supporting her throughout her recovery and looking after her 11 year old son. This is why I am so keen to get involved each year to try and raise awareness of the struggle that women go through every day. 

This will be my second year helping with wear it pink and I am looking forward to motivating everyone on site to try and raise as much money as possible. On the day I will be wearing my pink hi vis jacket and encouraging other people to do so as well! I also help decorate the canteen on the Leicester Square site, and buy breakfast and cakes throughout the day to keep everyone going, with all the proceeds donated straight the charity. 

I want everyone to know how hard it is for women with breast cancer. I learned from my friends how difficult it is to have to go through such a horrible disease. I think it’s important that we all pull together and get everyone involved in the cause. Wearing pink in October brings the workforce closer as a group to help raise as much money as possible. I am proud to wear it pink and am always looking for ways to get involved with and help the charity.

Nicoleta and Marc wearing their pink hi vis jackets

Nicoleta and Marc

Marc's story

My connection to breast cancer came primarily through Breast Cancer Now being McGee’s nominated charity back in 2015. Thankfully none of my immediate family have suffered this terrible illness but it was apparent just how many people within our company had been impacted by breast cancer.

I take part in wear it pink because the opportunity to have fun, see our staff members have a smile on their face and raise money for such a worthy cause is irresistible. On wear it pink day there is a vibrancy and sense of cheekiness about the whole place. The construction industry has long been perceived as a bastion of male machismo and wear it pink has shown that stereotype to be redundant – breast cancer is indiscriminate and has impacted so many of our employees first hand or through loved ones. The spirit of togetherness that wear it pink engenders has really been fantastic to see. 

I support the various McGee sites in any way I can in their fundraising efforts. It can range from assisting our marketing department in organising events to simply eating vast quantities of homemade fairy cakes, wearing a pink tie and shirt and trying to promote external and internal sponsorship.

I think it’s important to wear it pink because anything which increases awareness of breast cancer and how to fight it, survive it and ultimately cure it is worth supporting. That we can do it in so many wonderful, fun and innovative ways either as individuals or as a team on wear it pink day is just fantastic. Each year we see our employees being bigger, bolder and brighter in their ideas to make wear it pink the best and most successful yet.

Get involved

Joining us for wear it pink 2017? Take a look at our ideas, tips and downloadable resources to help you fundraise at work.