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wear it pink
wear it pink

Supporter Stories

Pete's story

"I’m the founder of the UK-based Pink Firefighters”

I’m currently the Watch Commander within the UK fire and rescue service and joined as soon as possible when I turned 18. I’m also the founder of the UK-based Pink Firefighters. The Pink Firefighters Association plan challenges throughout the year for breast cancer charities because we’ve all been affected by the disease in one way or another.


My big WHY in both my job as a firefighter, speaker and fundraiser comes from trying to make a difference in the world. I love Breast Cancer Now’s goal that we can have a future where anyone affected by breast cancer will live and live well.

“I spend a lot of my time connecting with and sharing the stories of front-line workers”

I spend a lot of my time running our international podcast "The Firefighters Podcast" which reaches 180,000 listeners and is growing every day. The podcast seeks to develop, inspire & motivate the world of emergency services operators through a series of wide-ranging conversations celebrating those within our emergency services family and encouraging the support of this incredible group of people who go above and beyond within their communities.

“Kicking down doors for others to walk through”

I see myself only as a temporary custodian for the Fire Service. I feel we have an opportunity, obligation and limited time to support where we can and make a difference.

It’s so important that people wear it pink in October and seize this opportunity to stand together. I’m always up for putting myself out there, creating opportunities and kicking down doors for others to walk through and I truly believe the world needs you, your ideas, your passion, your creativity and your unique perspective on how to help fix the problems we all face. Wearing pink in October is a simple but incredibly effective way we can all connect and strike up these conversations about breast cancer. 

Will you strike up those conversations and join us in wearing it pink this October?