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wear it pink
wear it pink

Steve's story

When I first heard that McGee was supporting wear it pink, I was keen to get involved in any way I could as it was supporting a cause close to my heart. My mum had breast cancer, but I’m happy to say she has been in remission for a while now. 

The company has been doing wear it pink events for a number of years now – it’s great that our efforts are supporting further research into finding a cure for breast cancer. In 2015 and 2016 we dedicated the advertising space of two of our tipper lorries to promoting wear it pink. I was lucky enough to be chosen to drive the first pink lorry back in 2015. The company thought that nobody would want to drive it, but quite a few of us who volunteered! I wanted to drive the lorry to help raise awareness of wear it pink, and it meant a lot to me to be able to do this.

Taking part in wear it pink made me feel I was doing something good and giving something back while going about my work as a lorry driver in London. Our pink lorries are still in operation so it’s a constant reminder for everyone – hopefully they have encouraged more people to sign up!

I think it’s important for people to come together on one day to help support the cause, but I even see people on site wearing their pink hi vis all year round – it goes to show what an impact the event makes. When wear it pink day comes around and I’m driving from site to site it’s great to see how all the sites get involved – it’s clear we’re not shy or ashamed to wear pink at McGee!

Steve in one of the pink trucks

Steve at the wheel of one of McGee's pink trucks

Andy’s Story

I first heard about the annual wear it pink event when we signed up as a company to support the event back in 2014. While I personally haven’t been affected by breast cancer, I do have friends, family and colleagues who have been affected by this terrible illness. As Emma, our Marketing Manager will tell you, I have been the most passionate about supporting the annual campaign in absolutely any way I can because of this reason.

Initially it was Emma who first told me about the event and how our support as a company could help support life-saving breast cancer research. Emma motivated me and others on our sites to get involved. The response from people and generosity encourages me to participate year after year. 

I get involved from the get-go, creating awareness of the event and getting everyone on site involved. For the last two years our team at our civils site at One Nine Elms in Vauxhall, London, has taken part in numerous events: I’ve dressed up as Mr Blobby, fundraised with the wear it pink buckets at one of my daughter’s football games – a game where her team were wearing pink away strips funded by McGee.

My favourite part of wear it pink is organising the site office cake sale, putting up the bunting and getting everyone involved in the pink sweepstake – basically sorting out the logistics and organising any gear needed for the event. Most importantly, I enjoy seeing everyone on site wearing their pink hi vis vests with pride – some of us wear them all year round! I feel that everyone can play a part, no matter how small, in the fight against breast cancer. Wear it pink really does bring our diverse workforce together – it brightens up our day, and our sites. I’m looking forward to seeing what we will come up with for this year’s event!

Get involved

Joining us for wear it pink 2017? Take a look at our ideas, tips and downloadable resources to help you fundraise at work.