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wear it pink
wear it pink

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Susan's story

Susan was diagnosed in March 2016. Since then, she's shared her writing to help other people with breast cancer. She's wearing it pink to help people like her.


I’m Susan. I’m Irish, an animal lover, pilates instructor, a boxer, a wife and daughter. This is my story.

I live with my husband who I met when I was 15 at school, and we live in London with our two dogs and three cats, who are all rescues from Romania. My mother is my greatest inspiration, who at aged 67, has 12 rescue dogs, and still works as a nurse, caring for everyone around her.

I’m a rehabilitation pilates instructor in a physio clinic, and I specialise in helping people with low back pain issues.

I used to be wrapped up in my previous career running my own interior design company, but now I have a more well-rounded life after cancer.

I was diagnosed in March 2016

I found the lump myself and was diagnosed with breast cancer. I underwent chemotherapy, lumpectomy and radiation as well as an additional year of herceptin injections I was 41 on diagnosis. I wrote a book available online called Beyond the Pink, detailing my cancer experiences to help other people going through it right now.

I will take part in wear it pink to give back

Every year I try and do something to raise money. Last year I abseiled down at Thomas Hospital for Cancer Research and I’ve also done a number of pink runs.

The wear it pink campaign struck a chord with me, as it’s real people showing what cancer means to them. It’s fun yet serves a very serious role in raising funds for the vital breast cancer research, that saves lives.

Without these campaigns people like me wouldn’t be alive now.

Research is key to eliminating cancer and the wear pink campaign raises funds for this research

My advice for your wear it pink day, is to be inclusive and try and get as many people involved as possible. Make it fun, but also know that your one day or couple or hours is helping to save someone’s life, like mine.

Feeling inspired to wear it pink? You can register today for your fundraising pack and join Susan on October 23rd