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wear it pink
wear it pink

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Suzy's story

It’s thanks to my passion for running that I discovered my breast cancer


I kept getting pain in my breast and armpit when running, even though I’d previously been to my GP with a lump and was told it was nothing. The pain was getting worse and I was referred to the breast clinic. I carried on as normal thinking it was probably just a cyst; I’m “too young for breast cancer”, “it doesn't run in our family”, “I wouldn't have pain if it was breast cancer!” I was 38.

My appointment was on Breast Cancer Awareness Day, and I went to the hospital in my running gear all prepared to run the 5 miles home.  After being taken into a room and told “you have breast cancer” my life as I knew it changed forever. I had stage 3 breast cancer with multiple tumours in my right breast including my lymph nodes - I’m a very rare case having tumours some of which were triple negative and some HER2+. 

I managed a Parkrun the day after my chemotherapy

Chemo started 2 days before my birthday, followed by a mastectomy with immediate DIEP reconstruction, 2 weeks of radiotherapy and a year of Herceptin.

I was extremely lucky and grateful to have two friends with me on my cancer journey as they were also both diagnosed with breast cancer within 4 months of me!  We were there for each other day and night and I really don't think I’d have coped without them.  We call ourselves The Breastketeers.

I love DJing, I’m not good at it but I give everything a go now and embrace life by trying new things!

I sing (badly) in the car, and my twin girls and son will often hide their faces whilst I belt out some classics with the windows down. My husband and children really are a true blessing to me and last year we rescued an ex-racing greyhound called Jess who’s completed our family – she’s great therapy for us all.  

I feel more positive about life and would even say my diagnosis has probably changed my life for the better

I see things with a whole new perspective now and I cherish my time with friends and loved ones and worry less about the little things.  I’ve become a student again and I’m excited for the future once more!

I’ve been given so much help from Breast Cancer Now

I attended the Younger Women Together course run by Breast Cancer Now in London which was so helpful. I thought that being a part of the #wearitpink campaign would be a great way of giving something back and helping to continue to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. 

Join Suzy on Friday 21 October - wear pink, raise money and help make life-changing breast cancer research and support happen.