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wear it pink
wear it pink

Dancing in pink: how to get kids involved

Posted on March 19, 2020

Alex wears it pink in support of her mum – the original dance mum! She shares with us how she got a class of children got involved this year.

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Our wear it pink week

Due to the nature of everyone’s dance classes, the children are invited to come in pink for the whole week and make a donation of their choice. The children love coming into class and putting their coins/notes in the provided wear it pink pot.

Our wear it pink day creates lots of buzz and excitement within classes, as children dance wearing pink feather boas (which leave feathers all over the dance floor), pink hats, pink tutus, pink leg warmers – the list goes on.

Games and activities

This year we also did the ‘win it pink’ sweepstake from the fundraising pack. The children loved the game, and I often found them huddled over the chart telling each other which picture was their favourite, and asking mums if they could have a go. The older children were gutted when the picture they wanted had already gone earlier in the week.

Why we wear it pink

My mum is the inspiration for my dance school, and she has been having treatment for breast cancer for the last five years. After having to give up work, my mum is now the admin support of the school, dealing with invoices, inquiries…and is even a dab hand at costumes! She’s lovingly known as ‘the original dance mum.’

My mum is a big part of my school and always comes to support our shows, exams and competitions. So, it’s only right we give something back.

My students ages range from two to 13 years, and everyone gets involved. The older children realise what we are fundraising for, and the little ones have fun dressing up. No matter the age, everyone has a wonderful time raising money for wear it pink!

So, here’s to next year! Let’s see if, as a school, we can beat what we raised this year.

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