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wear it pink

Five tips for a social distanced wear it pink

Posted on July 29, 2020

How you can still get involved with wear it pink from a distance.


Fundraising ideas for a socially distanced wear it pink event

With 22 October fast approaching, it’s time to start planning your wear it pink day, and we are here to help! We’ve put together some tips and suggestions on how to organise your own socially distanced wear it pink event, as we follow government guidelines above all else.

If you’re fundraising at school, with friends and family, or at work we’ve come up with some useful fundraising ideas to help you make the most of your wear it pink day and raise more of that life-saving and life-changing cash.

If you decide that you are safely able to get together with your school, workplace or community for wear it pink day, while following government guidelines above all else, here are some tips on how you could wear it pink and raise money! Remember that, while it’s your responsibility to fundraise safely, making sure that you are following the latest government guidelines, we are here to support you.

Even if you’re planning to hold a physical event with your nearest and dearest, setting up a JustGiving page is a great way for people to donate without using cash.

Here are 5 ideas on how to raise money at your socially distanced wear it pink day...

1. Wear pink

Wow, what a surprise! But guess what? Wearing pink in itself is 100% social distanced and you can wear pink no matter what you plan for your event. You could go crazy and wear every single pink item you own, or you could put together your most fabulous outfit complete with pink socks, lipstick, bowtie, or scarf. Ask people to make a small donation as they proudly wear their various pink outfits – it’s simple, but it can make a huge impact.

2. Get together for a delicious treat

This year your traditional bake sale may have to look a little different, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t taste as good. Make sure you follow government guidelines above all else, as you prepare any treats, making sure to use protective gear when making and assembling your snacks, ensuring high levels of hygiene at all times, and physically distance as you enjoy your delicious goodies.

Tip: keep the treats covered and avoid sharing plates or utensils.

3. Get together outside

Get together with family, friends or colleagues in the great outdoors. For those taking part at work or at school, this may be a nice outdoor walk or picnic on your lunch break. For those taking part at home or in your local community, invite some of your closest round to the backyard or for a park picnic to share amazing food and raise money together for Breast Cancer Now!

Whether you prefer a casual BBQ or a more sophisticated dinner party, it’s always nice to get outside, if it’s safe and best for you to do so, and fundraise for an important cause. You could even decorate your garden or outdoor space with our wear it pink bunting. And don’t forget to think of a wet-weather plan, just in case the infamous British weather turns on us!

Hosting an outdoor wear it pink day? Invite your friends and family by sending them a special wear it pink invitation.

4. Have a wear it pink games day or night!

Why not try a game of pin the beak on the flamingo? It can be played inside or out and is guaranteed to get a few laughs! This game can be downloaded and cut out, so all you’ll need is access to a printer and a make-do blindfold.

Donate to play and take it in turns to try pin the beak! The first person to get it wins half the money in the kitty, with the other half donated to our life-saving research and care. We also have wear it pink quizzes, bingo sweepstakes, so do be sure to check out our other games too!

5. Complete a group challenge together

With this one, the possibilities are endless. You could challenge your participants to do one of the following: dress in pink for a week (or a month, if they’ve got a particularly pink wardrobe!), give something up for a month like cake or social media, take part in daily exercises or a quick daily online quiz. Get as creative as you can with this one!

At the end of the challenge, make sure you recognise those who won or went above and beyond – a socially distanced awards ceremony is a fun way to get your gang together and remind them that their money will go towards making life-changing research and care happen.

Your support means so much

In these challenging times, we appreciate your fundraising more than ever. We want to create a future where everyone who develops breast cancer lives – and is supported to live well. If there was ever a time to find that pink top, grab that pink tie or dig out that pink tutu, that time is now. People affected by breast cancer need us, but we can’t do it alone. We urgently need your help.

Are you planning to organise a virtual event? Check out our fundraising ideas for a virtual wear it pink day.

While it's your responsibility to fundraise safely and responsibly, making sure that you follow the latest government guidelines above all else when planning your event, remember that we’re still here to help and support you. You can email us at or give us a quick call on 0333 20 70 300. We love hearing from you.

If you haven’t registered yet, you can do that here, and we will automatically send you your fabulous and free fundraising pack:

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