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wear it pink
wear it pink

Five tips for an amazing wear it pink

Posted on May 07, 2019

Whether you’re a first-time fundraiser or a seasoned pro, this five-step guide will help you put together an amazing wear it pink day to share with your friends, family and colleagues.

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1. Wear pink

It’s really that simple. Ask your friends, students or colleagues to pay some money (we suggest £2-£5) to sport as much pink as they like on wear it pink day. A small price to pay for such a fun day, but if everyone does it, then it will make a big difference.

You can even go one step further by having prizes for the best dressed person, team or class – or simply the person who wore the most amount of pink!

2. Bake to make research happen

One surefire way to get the donations rolling in is to tantalise some taste buds. Get mouths watering with a brilliantly pink bake sale.

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3. Games

Fundraising games are a great way to have fun and engage people at your wear it pink event. Even better, they’re a fun and easy way to raise lots of money at your fundraising event!

A quiz: you can’t beat a good quiz, so get your colleagues into teams and test their knowledge. You can even have prizes for the winning team to add some friendly competition! Create your own quiz or you can download our Big Pink Quiz.

Lunchtime bingo: bingo is great no matter the age. Download and print off our bingo cards to get you started – a prize is a great way to get people involved, too.

Sweepstake: you can download our wear it pink or guess how many flamingoes sweepstakes, and get people to donate to guess!

Find more fun games on our resources page.

4. Promote your event

In the lead up, send out e-invites or physical invitations so that everyone has your wear it pink day in their calendar.

If you’re organising an event at home or in your community, post about it on social media so people know how they can also get involved.

On the week and day before your wear it pink day send out an email or text to all your friends, family and colleagues reminding them to bring in cash for their pink clothing donation, quizzes, games and all those yummy baked goods!

5. Gift Aid

By using Gift Aid, you can increase your donation amount by a massive 25% - at no extra cost to you!

There are Gift Aid forms in your fundraising pack, but if you need more simply download and print them from our website. Ask everyone who donates to sign up for Gift Aid if they can, following the instructions on the form.