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wear it pink

Meet our wear it pink hero

Posted on August 05, 2019

Lois and her school have taken part in wear it pink since 2014 at St Catherine’s School. She even topped it off by hosting a full wear it pink week last year. Read on to find out her motivation and top tips for organising your own wear it pink day.

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Our wear it pink week

We knew we weren’t going to be in school for the official wear it pink day, so, we held our official wear it pink day the day before instead. We decided that, this year, one day wasn’t enough for us and so we filled the whole week with pink activities.

We kicked off the week of fundraising with a stationery sale; essential items in a school for pupils and teachers alike. We also had a pink doughnut sale, staff and student quizzes, a raffle, and sold fancy dress items and Breast Cancer Now merchandise. It was a busy week!

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The pink doughnuts were a huge hit. The students queued the whole way across the playground to purchase one, and we sold out within 15 minutes.

We also sold an amazing 200 fancy dress items throughout lunchtimes during the week.

Every form group received the ‘thinking of you’ activity, where each student received a paper Breast Cancer Now blank logo and they could write about someone that they were thinking about during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All of the logos were stuck onto the poster to make a lovely display. Ms Soubrier’s form were the first to finish their poster so they won a box of chocolates to share.

Wear it pink highlights

One of the big highlights of the week was on the Thursday – our official wear it pink day! We started the day by sending out a quiz for form groups to take part in. We then ran around to as many form groups and members of staff as possible, to photograph everyone in their pink outfits. At break time, we sold the remaining pink items from earlier in the week (of course, none of the famous doughnuts, as they had sold out in mere minutes) in the main hall with music playing and disco lights. We drew the student raffle, sending out the list for the winning students to come and collect their prizes after school.

Miss Monin, Head of Year 10 and science teacher, had decided in October that she would like to have her hair cut and raise money for Breast Cancer Now. She set up a JustGiving page and chopped off over 7 inches of hair – raising a phenomenal £839.50.

Thank you so much to all the staff, students and their families who donated money to this wonderful event. We think that Miss Monin looks fantastic with her new haircut. The hair was sent off to the Little Princess Trust, where it will be used to make wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illness. A huge thank you goes to Miss Monin for going above and beyond for our Breast Cancer Now fundraising this year.

Our final total for our Breast Cancer Now fundraising for wear it pink 2018 was an extraordinary £3,505.00!

It really was a roaring success. Even though so much work, planning and preparation go into the event - I enjoy it so much. I love hearing about our students and staff members’ connections with breast cancer and why they want to support our fundraising. Each year, I am so proud of what we achieve during our pink week, but I’m also constantly thinking what else can I do.

Keep on wearing it pink…

Our wear it pink fundraising never stops: thanks to all the donations we received for October, we managed to continue our fundraising with Christmas raffles and even more fundraisers in the new year. Since our journey began with Breast Cancer Now back in 2014, we have now managed to raise £16,065, so I would like to aim for reaching £20,000 for wear it pink next year! Let’s do this!

If you have been inspired by the incredible fundraising efforts of Lois and everyone at St Catherine’s School, you can sign up to join us for wear it pink, or get in touch with us at We love hearing from you!

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