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wear it pink
wear it pink

We walked for wear it pink

Posted on June 07, 2022

In 2021 we decided to go BIG! As a medical practice we have always supported Breast Cancer Now’s wear it pink campaign by decorating the reception area, wearing pink and organising raffles. We generally have a lot of support from our patients. I think the decorations from the fundraising kit are great for getting people’s attention - the bunting and balloons look awesome hanging up.

8 11422925 Kinie Kaur

Time to get our walking shoes on…

In 2020, due to Covid we didn’t have a chance to do anything, so in 2021 I decided we were going to go BIG! A few of us put our heads together and we came up with the idea to walk as a group every Saturday in October.

We all know somebody who’s had breast cancer and working in a medical practice makes us very aware of the real issues people face.

We contacted the wear it pink team and they provided us with a selection of lovely pink t-shirts and some collection buckets.

We chose different places each week, walking through Llandudno Town Centre, around the Orne and through the beautiful town of Conwy. We carried our buckets whilst walking, clad in our pink T-shirts and people were very gladly donating to the great cause. We even had cars stopping to make donations!

Everyone we met was so friendly and kind. A lot of people wanted to tell us their own stories or about their experiences, which made us really feel as if we were doing something worthwhile.

8 114229255 Kinie Kaur

Our final walk was in Colwyn Bay, along the Promenade. We were clad in pink again with our buckets but on this occasion, we were joined by a giant pink flamingo (me)! This attracted a lot of attention and laughs. People were chasing after us to pop their coins into the buckets and we even had people going to the cashpoints and catching back up with us to donate.

All in all, we had great fun and it was lovely to do something with workmates in our local area.

If you’ve been inspired by Gill’s wear it pink event and would like to chat to a member of the team, please do get in touch with us by email on or call us on 0333 20 70 300.

We always love hearing from you about any new or different ideas - we’re here to help and support you!