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wear it pink
wear it pink

Wear it pink with Katrina

Posted on September 20, 2022

I’m a paediatrician and am involved in clinical research as part of my job, which means I’m involved in finding new treatments for children. I’m really passionate about my work and always want to deliver the best care to my patients as well as recognising the wider team I work with, thanking and encouraging them and helping them to feel valued, developing future paediatricians and researchers.

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In January 2022, aged 41, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have oestrogen receptor positive, HER2 negative cancer and underwent surgery on Valentine's Day! Fortunately, I didn't need to have chemotherapy or radiotherapy because the cancer was caught early. I now have ongoing treatment for 5-10 years with hormone therapy to reduce the risk of recurrence.

While I was off work recovering from my operation, I used the Breast Cancer Now website to find information and came across the Wear it pink campaign - I was keen to get involved!

I have been inspired by many people during my breast cancer journey so far, especially the medical and nursing teams who have looked after me with such kindness and compassion that has made a huge difference to my experience of care. I am grateful for the research that has informed the treatment I have had and that there are so many options available to treat breast cancer because of all of the research that has been done.

Getting involved in Wear it pink is a chance to highlight breast cancer, how common it is and what all women should be doing to check their breasts regularly and keep themselves as healthy as possible. I want to keep supporting others going through similar things to myself and to raise the profile of breast cancer and the need for ongoing research into new treatments to continue to improve care for patients like myself.

Join Katrina and wear it pink this October!