Eat pink treats

One surefire way to get the donations rolling in is to tantalise some tastebuds. Get mouths watering with a brilliantly pink bake sale. And why not add a competitive element by having a bake-off selling anonymous show-stoppers? Your bakers may well be inspired by one of our fabulous recipes.

It’s easy!

  1. Get together with anyone else who’s keen and bake your socks off.
  2. Create a sumptuous spread of pink treats, and invite anyone and everyone to come along.
  3. Let them eat cake! (for a price)

Things you might need

Cake cards

Make your table look the part with our very own cake cards.


Cake menu

List the cakes on offer, and the suggested donation required to partake.


Craft stencil heart

Add some heart to whatever you're doing with our official heart-shaped template or stencil.


Brilliant bunting

Jazz up your event with this brilliant DIY bunting