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wear it pink
wear it pink

How to wear it pink in your community

It’s always amazing to see communities all over the country come together with one common goal – to stop breast cancer from taking lives. This is our step-by step guide to help you make that happen where you live.

Step 1: Register

First things first, you need to register for wear it pink. It doesn’t take long, and once it’s done, you can request or download one of our fabulous fundraising packs.. Inside this pack are loads of exciting fundraising ideas, games and decorations to get you started. Registering also means that we’ll be able to give you tailored help and advice whenever you might want it.

Step 2: Choose a location

A lot of people choose to host their event in their homes as this is easy, free and you can take your time with any preparations. If your home isn’t appropriate, however, there are lots of other places you can host an event.

Do you have a local church, community or sports centre, park or public outdoor area? Wherever you decide to host your event, the first thing you need to do is to is get the proper permissions. If it’s a hall or event space then you will probably need to book it in advance, however it’s worth asking for a discount as it’s for a charity event.

If the location is outdoors, then you will probably need to speak to your local council for permission.

Step 3: Choose a theme

The great thing about having an event in your community is that you can be a little more creative with your theme. You can simply ask people to wear pink, or you can choose a pink theme - for example, dress up as a person who famously wears pink. You can turn your wear it pink event into a pamper night, movie night, coffee morning, brunch or supper – get creative.

Step 4: Invite your family, friends and community

If it’s a private event with just your friends and family, send out an invite to make sure everyone has it in their diaries. Generally, you want to give people as much notice as possible – we would recommend at least a month. Set up a JustGiving page and share it in your invites.

Send out downloadable invites in the post, remind everyone you know and rave about it on social media. We find that social media is an amazing way to get people to come along.

Create an event on Facebook and encourage your friends to share it and invite others. If it’s a public event you should invite everyone you know and ask them to bring at least one other person with them.

Additionally, you can contact all your local papers and ask them to put an advertisement in the paper for free – most papers are happy to do this for a charity event. Do you have a local café or hall? Put up your posters on any local noticeboards you see and ask local businesses’ if they’ll promote it for you in their shop windows and at their tills.

Step 5: Ask for help

This is possibly one of the most important steps for organizing a successful fundraising event. First, ask local shops and businesses if they want to donate a prize or food for your fundraiser. Tell them that you’ll be taking part in Breast Cancer Now’s wear it pink day and that you’d like some prizes to give out on the day. Don’t be disheartened if they say no, sometimes it’s not in their control and it is always worth trying!

Second, ask your family or friends to help you by baking cakes and treats, bringing along some snacks or organizing the music. People love to get involved and bake sales are always such a big money maker!

Step 6: Plan your activities

Decide what exciting fundraising activities you want to do on the day and get your materials. There are so many things to do: bake sales (big money makers!); cake awards; sweepstakes; bingo; raffles; tombola; best outfit competition and anything else you can think of.

Put together a loose schedule so you’re able to get through all your games and make the most of your time.

Tip: If you’re planning to have a bake sale, present your cakes nicely and people will be more likely to donate. You can raise extra money by offering fancy refreshments, like pink lemonade, too.

Step 7: Extra materials and resources

Do you have enough of everything? If you need extra decorations, you can download and print these at home or at your local library. Alternatively, you can order them online to be delivered to your home address.

You can get more of anything that was in your pack, as well as lots of other new and exciting items!

Make sure you have your paying in slip. Once your event has happened, you’ll want to pay in the money as soon as you can, to avoid it sitting around the house. If you’ve misplaced the paying in slip we sent in our fundraising pack – order another one so you’ve got it when you need it. If you’re planning a bigger event where you need more support, just get in touch and we’ll make sure you have everything you need.

Step 8: Prepare a short speech

Before you freak out – this is optional! However, it’s nice for your guests to hear a little bit of your story and why you’ve invited them to a fundraiser supporting Breast Cancer Now’s life-saving research and life-changing care.

There is so much information on our website which will help you in putting this together. You could even show one of our wear it pink supporter story films, if you don’t feel confident speaking in front of your guests.

Step 9: Confirm your helpers

Check in with your friends and family to make sure they are still happy to help with decorations, baking or setting up the space

Step 10: Send a reminder

Remind everyone around a week before your event, and another the day before to ask your friends and family to wear something pink, sharing the JustGiving link for them to donate.

This is such an important step, as it will also help you to gauge how many people are coming to your event so that you don’t under or over cater.

Step 11: Gift Aid forms

The last thing you need to do in the lead up to your wear it pink event is make sure you’ve organised enough gift aid forms. Gift Aid allows us to claim back an extra 25% of each donation given to Breast Cancer Now by a UK taxpayer. This is an easy and free way to increase your donation! Find out more about Gift Aid and download your forms.

We hope this 11-step guide is useful in helping you put together an incredibly successful wear it pink day. Throw in as much creativity as you like, and remember that you are doing something absolutely amazing – wearing pink, raising money and making life-saving breast cancer research and life-changing care happen.