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wear it pink
wear it pink

Wear it pink!


Pay a bit of money (we suggest £2 - £5) to sport as much pink as you like on wear it pink day. A small price to pay for such a fun day, but if everyone does it, then it will make a big difference. So make sure all everyone knows it and shows it.

It’s easy!

  1. Get as many of your friends, team mates or family as possible to join in and dress in pink
  2. Plan your pink outfits whether fabulously fashionable or fantastically silly
  3. Each pay a bit of money to help support our pioneering research

Things you might need

Giftaid Form

Gift Aid form

Maximise your fundraising potential by asking your event participants to fill in this form so we can claim Gift Aid on their donations. When you’re done, just post it to ‘FREEPOST wear it pink’.