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Brenda's wear it pink day

Posted on September 24, 2018

Brenda takes us through her wear it pink day last year and shares why it's so important to her.

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wear it pink day arrived and I decided to dress in a little pink and white bow peep outfit. I got a taxi to work and got a strange look from the driver. I then explained how it was wear it pink day for Breast Cancer Now - hence the outfit. When leaving the cab the lovely driver told me to donate the fare to the charity!

Puzzled faces looked at me as I entered my office building, but the Breast Cancer Now collection bucket in my hand got people’s attention. Once I explained my attire, people were generous and donated even all the way up in the lift to my floor.

I headed to the room we were hosting the bake off and cake sale. I'd decorated it the night before with the bunting, balloons, sweep stake and donation boxes from my fundraising pack. I also had a box full of props people could use to take selfies.

I enlisted some colleagues to run the bake sale, raffle and collect donations, while I dashed over to the Novotel Hotel in Canary Wharf. After I'd made them aware of wear it pink the previous year, they were keen to get involved and kindly donated a prize for the raffle. I went over to show support in my outfit and take some photos with the teams. The staff did a great job!

When I headed back to Canary Wharf station, tourists stopped to take photos of me in my outfit. I felt like a celebrity, but I made sure to stop and explain it was for charity.

My next stop for the afternoon was Luton and overnight stay with clients of the hotel. I got more strange looks as I arrived, but after I explained myself the other guests started to tell me their stories of breast cancer. It was nice listening to them and telling them about Breast Cancer Now and the work they do.

I finally got to my room to relax before dinner and look at my JustGiving page, which had donations coming in thick and fast. All in all, it was a very exciting and fulfilling day and a well-deserved good night's sleep.

My highlights

I had so many highlights of the day! The cab driver’s generosity, people’s faces when they saw my outfit, touching base with other supporters and having family members, friends and colleagues message me to let me know what they were doing for wear it pink day. I also loved seeing Novotel staff getting involved and the passion they put into making the day a success! It all shows me I am not the only one who has that passion.

My advice to you

Enlist the help of other people to spread the word and get involved. Plan well ahead and brainstorm ideas for the day. You can attend school fetes for inspiration or ask your colleagues and friends to share awareness. Last but not least, make sure you rest the day before as it will be a busy day and maybe even plan a spa day the day after!

wear it pink 2018

It's my 50th birthday this year, so I have a lot to be thankful for. My sister Sandra - who I do all this in honour of - said for my 40th I needed to do something every month to celebrate the year. So this year I will mark every month in memory of her, and October will have to be something spectacular. Watch this space I am working on it...

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