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Lisa Riley: uncut

Posted on September 30, 2016

Last week we were over the moon to announce actress and TV presenter Lisa Riley as our wear it pink ambassador. We also were lucky enough to catch up with her on set of her pink-tastic photoshoot for us.

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Watch the video below to see exclusive behind the scenes footage of the day and read her interview below where you can find out what Graham Norton, Robin Windsor and Jennifer Saunders all have in common as well as Lisa’s top tips for any first timers out there.

Hello Lisa. It is great to have you on board. Can we ask, what does supporting wear it pink mean to you?

Personally to me, wear it pink is so important because I lost my beloved mum, Cath, to the breast cancer. I want to have the peace of mind that all the research possible is being achieved to make this killing disease something of the past. I have a voice to get the word out there, to make breast cancer something to be no longer afraid of.

Who would be your three ideal wear it pink party guests?

My three ideal wear it pink guests would be Graham Norton for non-stop fun and giddiness, and listening to all his stories about all the people he has had the pleasure of interviewing in his career. Secondly, my best friend and Strictly dance partner, Robin Windsor, as we could dance the day and night away. He brings a never ending supply of “camp” which I feel a necessity for a pink party, and mainly because he is obsessed with feather boas. Finally, I would love to have Jennifer Saunders there, she again would bring constant smiles to everyone’s faces and she loves dressing up, so that would help with the dress-up box ideas, and she also makes a great cake.

Which famous person would you most like to see tweet a photo of themselves dressed in pink?

The celebrity I would most like to see dressed head to toe in pink on “wear it pink day” would be Piers Morgan on the breakfast sofa on Good Morning Britain. Just to see if he would be able to stay serious and also project his fierce personality into what the day is all about, and embrace the silliness!!! WE HAVE TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!! (Note from the wear it pink team – we are not against this, Piers!)

What is your go-to party outfit?

My favourite party outfit would be a body – fitting, shapely dress. I do always tend to go for bright colours or pattern as it’s what suits me and my personality. All my mates have a token black dress, I have never understood that one personally.

Are you a better party host or party guest, and why?

I would say I am a better party host than a guest really, as I love detail and neatness, so the room would look brilliant. I always said that if I wasn’t an actor I would want to be an interior designer, but having said that I do know that as a guest I would like to think I bring an element of party fun! My only downfall as party guest is I do like to take over the iPod, and my music is not always to everyone’s taste.

What’s your message to anyone considering taking part in wear it pink for the first time?

The message I want to get across is that it’s one day out of the year where we can all get together, have loads of fun, be silly, laugh, smile, and whilst all this is happening we are all raising money for such an important cause, I would imagine there are so so so many people who have known or know someone with breast cancer, so to realise how unfortunately common it is becoming, we can all come together and talk about it, and also not be afraid to check ourselves.

Don’t forget, it’s not too late to join Lisa and thousands of others across the UK and wear it pink in aid of breast cancer research. Sign up for your free fundraising pack today!

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