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What's in your fundraising pack?

Posted on July 03, 2017

The wear it pink fundraising pack is full of useful items that you can use in preparation and on the day. Here are our recommendations for how to use what’s inside.

Whether you’re holding your pink party in the comfort of your home, involving an entire school or adding a splash of pink at work – here’s our nifty low-down of how to make the most of your pack parts for total success.

What’s in the pack?

Inside the pack, you’ll find three different posters – a sweepstake poster, one to help you advertise your event, and finally one to let everyone know where their donations will go. You’ll also find a handy ideas booklet, stickers, balloons, bunting and a collection box. Look out for the paying-in slip, Gift Aid form and Freepost return envelope, which is a super handy way to send us your fundraising total.

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Decorating made easy peasy

Make your wear it pink space look vibrant and get your guests in the party spirit by using our bunting and balloons to add some colour to the room.

Some of your guests may not know as much about wear it pink as you do, and telling them about our breast cancer research can be a way to encourage people to dig deep and sponsor your event. Use the ‘What you can achieve’ poster to let your attendees knowhow their donations really will make a difference.

Make your party POP!

Kick off your party with our sweepstake poster to get everyone in the gaming spirit. It’s simple to play: pick a winning number, write on the corner of the poster (make sure it’s hidden!), then get everyone to give a small donation to have a guess at the winner.

Need more ideas? There are some great ideas in your pack and we’ve got even more in our fundraising ideas section. We’ve even got you covered with some prizes – just hand out the sheet of stickers!

Every penny counts to something amazing

As well as decorations and game ideas, we’ve also included some useful items to help you smash your fundraising target.

Hear a jingle in your guests’ pockets? Use the collection box to collect loose change from your friends, colleagues or school teachers during October. Don’t forget to ask your guests to fill out the Gift Aid form to add an extra 25% to your total!

Finally, when you’re ready to pay in your cash – use our simple paying in slip at your local bank or use the Freepost envelope to send us a cheque.

Planning a bigger event and need more stuff? Send us an email to wearitpink@breastcancernow.org and we’ll help guide you through ordering extra materials.


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